2015 UKEAS Visa Seminar

Sequel to recent changes in tier 4 visa applications we deem fit to inform all prospective students looking forward to resuming school in the UK from September 2015 and beyond too


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1. Apply  for Tuberculosis  Testing (TB) Test on time

Due to increasing backlog of applicants it may become  more challenging in making bookings towards the test  going forward as we approach the rush period of visa applications .  UKEAS has pre-arranged partnership with the test centre and can help with early bookings so we encourage you to contact the nearest UKEAS office from the list of UKEAS offices below:

2. Attend  the UKEAS study Visa Seminar - Attendance is free!

It is never a wasteful  venture  to get more detailed  knowledge on how best to apply for your student visa considering  that there are lots of changes  that came into effect after the 6th of April 2015 . The UK embassy values applications that meet up with its requirement and that is what we ensure.
Advantages of Attending the UKEAS visa seminar

a. To avoid unnecessary visa refusal that may cost money and time.

b. To know what financial documents are acceptable by the UKVI

c. To learn more about the newly introduced  Biometric cards

d. To know how best to address previous refusals if there has been a previous rejection

e. Meet with and work with a counsellor who will put you through the whole process step by step

f. Avoid  any unnecessary delays in application process and CAS release from institution

g. Ensure only appropriate document relevant to student circumstance are submitted for entry clearance.

h. Liaise with institutions on behalf of students to ensure CAS information  conforms with documentation provided by applicant

i. Simplify the whole application process


3. Do you have admission to study in any UK institution? Or still thinking of going to the Uk this September and yet to apply?

Ukeas is happy to assist you through all pending processes. Contact the nearest UKEAS office to you now.


Visa Seminars would hold at all UKEAS offices nationwide on Saturday 11th of July and Saturday 25th of July respectively from 12noon -2pm. Book  to attend   seminar  @ the closest UKEAS office to you