Benue State Teachers Recruitment Application Guide 2024


Benue State wants to hire new teachers. They need people to teach in schools. To find these teachers, they’re asking interested people to apply.

If you want to be a teacher and you live in Benue State, you can apply for the job. You need to fill out a form with your details and qualifications.

Then, the government will look at all the applications and choose the best people to become teachers.

Being a teacher is important because they help students learn new things and grow smart.

Position / Career Opportunity

Primary School Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Subject Teacher (e.g., English Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Science Teacher)

Special Education Teacher

Nursery/Kindergarten Teacher

Head Teacher

Vice Principal


Education Officer

General Requirement For All Post

Primary School Teacher:

  • Must have completed a relevant teaching qualification or certification.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Must be passionate about teaching young children.
  • Previous experience in teaching primary school children may be preferred.

Secondary School Teacher:

  • Should possess a degree in the subject they wish to teach.
  • Teaching certification or qualification is advantageous.
  • Good knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and engage with teenagers.

Subject Teacher (e.g., English Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Science Teacher):

  • A degree in the specific subject area is required.
  • Teaching certification or qualification is preferred.
  • Strong understanding of the subject curriculum.
  • Ability to convey complex concepts in a simple manner.

Special Education Teacher:

  • Specialized training or certification in special education is required.
  • Should have empathy and patience when working with students with special needs.
  • Understanding of various learning disabilities and teaching strategies to address them.

Nursery/Kindergarten Teacher:

  • Certification or qualification in early childhood education.
  • Experience working with young children.
  • Creativity and patience in nurturing and educating young learners.

Head Teacher / Vice Principal / Principal:

  • Higher education degree in education administration or related field.
  • Significant teaching experience, preferably in leadership roles.
  • Strong organizational and managerial skills.
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team of teachers and staff.

Education Officer:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education or related field.
  • Knowledge of educational policies and practices.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills.
  • Ability to develop and implement educational programs and initiatives.

How To Apply

  • Check for open teaching positions advertised by Benue State.
  • Ensure that you meet the requirements specified for the desired position.
  • Gather all necessary documents, including your resume, certificates, and identification.
  • Complete the application form accurately and comprehensively.
  • Attach copies of your supporting documents to the application.
  • Submit your application along with the required documents through the designated channel.
  • Wait for a response from the recruitment committee.
  • If you don’t hear back within a reasonable timeframe, consider following up on your application.
  • If shortlisted, prepare for the interview by practicing common questions and researching the school or education department.
  • Attend the interview at the scheduled time and date.
  • Await the final decision from the recruitment committee.
  • Upon receiving an offer, carefully review the terms before accepting the position.

Selection Procedure

Application Review: Once the application deadline has passed, the recruitment committee will review all submitted applications. They will check if applicants meet the basic requirements and qualifications for the teaching positions.

Shortlisting: Based on the applications received, the committee will shortlist candidates who best match the requirements for the available teaching positions. Shortlisted candidates will be notified of their selection to proceed to the next stage.

Assessment or Examination: Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo an assessment or examination to evaluate their knowledge, skills, and suitability for the teaching role. This assessment may include written tests, teaching demonstrations, or subject-specific evaluations.

Interview: Candidates who successfully pass the assessment stage may be invited for an interview. During the interview, candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their qualifications, teaching experience, and suitability for the position. The interview panel may include representatives from the education department, school administration, or external experts.

Reference Checks: The recruitment committee may conduct reference checks to verify information provided by candidates, such as previous employment history, educational qualifications, and professional conduct.

Final Selection: After completing the assessment, interviews, and reference checks, the recruitment committee will make final decisions on the selection of candidates for the teaching positions. Successful candidates will be notified of their selection and may receive offers of employment.

Offer Acceptance: Candidates who receive offers of employment will have the opportunity to review the terms and conditions of their employment before accepting the offer. Once accepted, they can begin preparing for their new role as teachers in Benue State.

Orientation and Training (if applicable): Newly appointed teachers may undergo orientation and training sessions to familiarize themselves with school policies, curriculum requirements, teaching methodologies, and other relevant information before starting their teaching duties.

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