Want to borrow money from a friend? Pay Attention to the Following Ethics!

Want to borrow money from a friend? Pay Attention to the Following Ethics! – Are you in need of money for an emergency? There is only one solution, borrow. Who else will you call besides family and friends?

Maybe you feel that these two options are easy to reach options. In reality, no. Your family and friends don’t necessarily believe what you say when you borrow money. Plus, many of them are not sure that you can return the money on time.

When borrowing money (especially from friends), there are several etiquettes that you must understand more deeply.

Want to borrow money from a friend? Pay Attention to the Following Ethics!

Look at Friends’ Financial Conditions

The first thing you have to consider when borrowing money from a friend is to look at their financial condition. Don’t borrow from friends who actually need money too. Of course that will burden him and make him feel even more annoyed.

It would be better if you asked first before actually borrowing. Make sure his finances are in a healthy condition and there are no difficulties with that.

Use Polite Language

This second point cannot be missed. Many cases occur between borrowers and lenders. Almost all lenders complain and refuse to provide loans because the borrower does not have good manners.

By using polite language, your friends will most likely be willing to lend you money. Unless there are reasons why he can’t do it. Everything comes back to the borrower’s decision because he certainly has the right to refuse.

Notify When Money Will Be Refunded

As a good borrower, try to tell your friends ‘when the money will be returned’. Don’t abuse the trust that has been given to you.

If you borrow a small amount of money from a friend, you can pay it back in the form of ‘meals’ and the like. However, it is different if the nominal amount borrowed is large. You just need to tell the deadline and how to pay so that your friend feels calm and confident in you.

Create Proof of Agreement

As a borrower, it is not impossible for you to produce proof of the MoU agreement (black and white). Even borrowers like this are considered trustworthy by lenders and have a high probability of your loan being accepted by your friends.

This agreement can be made on paper or in the form of a softcopy file. At least it can be a record of your loan with your friend and can be accounted for.

Say Thank You

A trivial thing that is often overlooked is saying thank you. Don’t forget to be grateful when you get a loan from your friend, or when your friend refuses your request.

The importance of behaving and speaking politely to anyone for any matter. If you are nice to them, then they will be nice to you. So don’t forget to thank your friends, OK!

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