Business Problems, Challenges and How to Avoid Problems

In today’s sophisticated era, it no longer seems strange for business people to face business problems and business challenges.

Especially in online business which is the business most loved by the public.

The reason why online businesses are a favorite is that entrepreneurs don’t need to spend large amounts of capital to open a shop, pay employees, or other things.

This practicality is what makes online business a very promising business.

However, that doesn’t mean that online businesses are free from business problems and challenges, you know!

This article will thoroughly discuss business problems that are often faced by entrepreneurs, business challenges that must be faced and also how to avoid these problems themselves. Come on, take a look!

Online Business Problems

1. Without targets and goals

One of the most important things about online business is how to offer products online so that the products are accepted or reach consumers.

Even though offering strategy is very important, there are still many online entrepreneurs who do not plan their strategy carefully.

This makes achieving business targets and goals unclear.

As a beginner online entrepreneur, you must set several marketing targets via social media so that your product is successfully recognized by the public.

For example, determine the target number of followers or likers and then continue with the number of comments and shares.

It’s important to remember that the most important thing about marketing on social media is engagement , so there’s no point in having a lot of followers if the engagement numbers are small.

2. Content Limitations

One of the challenges of online business is creating interesting content.

Content is the most important thing in online businesses.


Because if you have interesting content ideas , many potential customers will be interested in your product.

On the other hand, if the content you present is monotonous and boring, then get ready, it will be a new problem for you.

You could lose followers or even lose customers if the content you present is less interesting.

So try to create content that is interesting, inspiring and educational so that people continue to pay attention to your shop account.

3. Without a Management Team

The management team referred to here is the website management team , online shop and also the social media account management team.

It is impossible for you to take care of everything alone, especially if the business has grown.

By having a clear management team, the marketing timeline will also be clear.

There is a team in charge of creating content, a team that monitors when to upload content and there is also a team in charge of responding to every incoming message.

That way, you will have a good account or online shop from a management perspective, which will impact comfort and friendliness as well as speed in service to customers.

4. Not Fast Response

The Buyer is King.

Not everyone who contacts you to ask or buy has a lot of time.

For example, for those who work, they will only open social media or shop online during breaks or during their free time.

If your shop is very slow in responding to questions asked by potential customers, then it is not impossible that you will lose many customers.

Try to continue to provide fast service so that this problem can be minimized.

Online Business Challenges

1. Competitors

The first business challenge you have to face is competitors.

The more popular your business is, the more people will be involved in that business.

With the emergence of many competitors, you have to be observant and always act creatively.

Apart from that, there is no harm in doing competitor analysis before starting a business.

As a business actor, you must be able to offer something unique and different to attract consumer interest.

But you also need to remember that competitors do not always act as competitors to your business.

You can also learn a lot from bigger competitors to learn the strategies they have implemented.

2. Consumer Behavior

While doing business online, you will definitely encounter various types of consumer characters. There are those who are mischievous, ask a lot of questions, or want a lot.

Consumers also often confuse them, but you must still be able to take care of them all, be observant and friendly towards each consumer.

That way, your online business has a good reputation and reviews so that your business profits are always maintained.

Study consumer behavior to increase sales.

3. Rapid Development of Technolog

Basically technology will always develop.

That’s what you should do with your online business , and one of them is to always follow current technology trends.

If initially you only promote via social media, try to market the product via e-commerce , then if you only market on one e-commerce , try marketing on  other e-commerce  , and so on.

Always learn new things and never miss existing technological developments.

4. Fraud

The next business challenge is the rise of fraud.

Since the internet has become more widespread, we have now encountered more fraud.

You have to be very careful with this, because fraud can not only happen to you as a seller, but your customers can also become victims.

Overcome this by making the information official and distributing it regularly to your customers.

It should be understood that maintaining the security of customer transactions is the responsibility of an entrepreneur.

5. Financial Management

Like conventional businesses, financial management is an important thing that must be considered.

Always record all your expenses and income in your books.

With these notes, you don’t need to worry if something strange appears in your business activities.

You can also analyze your online business through these records, if the results are positive then it means you have the opportunity to develop your business.

How to Avoid Business Problem

1. Evaluation

To minimize the possibility of experiencing problems, you must frequently evaluate your business.

Evaluation is a checking activity on various sectors in the business, such as marketing strategy evaluation, financial management evaluation, and various other evaluations that can support the business to run better.

Without an evaluation, you will find it difficult to identify problems that may be occurring in your business.

2. Specific Strategy

The next way to avoid problems is to prepare a special strategy.

What is meant by special strategy here is the strategy that you have prepared if you have found signs of possible problems in your business.

For example, your business has experienced a very sharp decline in sales figures over the past month, while you still have to pay operational needs and company debt.

A special strategy that you can do is to apply a priority scale in your business and also find a way to manage debt appropriately so that you can fulfill all your obligations even if your business is declining.

3. Capital Reserves

Every business definitely has business challenges, therefore as an entrepreneur you must have capital reserves.


Of course, this is just in case your business needs additional capital to support operational activities.

If you don’t have capital reserves, then operational activities can stop.

Of course, this will be very detrimental and will actually bring new problems.

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