Follow these 5 ways to make lots of profits when running a seasonal business!

Follow these 5 ways to make lots of profits when running a seasonal business! – In theory, Indonesia only has two seasons, namely the rainy season and the dry season. But, actually you will encounter many seasons, such as durian season, rambutan season, or mango season.

Usually, when the season is coming, there will be lots of impromptu sellers selling on the roadside or online.

Another big example, when the month of Ramadan arrives, there will definitely be lots of seasonal sellers scattered around. Starting from selling ta’jil for breaking the fast, to parcels for Eid.

Indeed, even though it is not sustainable and the time tends to be short, doing a seasonal business offers you a great opportunity to make a lot of profit. Therefore, you can really take advantage of this business opportunity.

But before you start, first follow these tips so you can make lots of profits!

Follow these 5 ways to make lots of profits when running a seasonal business!

Understand Your Target Market

The first thing to run a successful seasonal business is to identify your target market. They themselves are potential consumers who will buy your product.

Try to analyze what they want, and understand their needs so you can prepare the right strategy to reach them.

For example, currently the coffee business is on the rise, and usually the target market is office workers who really need coffee while working.

Therefore, selling online can be the right strategy, because that way the target market can more easily get your product.

Create Products of Interest

As a seasonal business seller, you must be sensitive to the opportunities that exist. You have to know what products are currently popular or popular in society and are needed by many people.

As another example, currently bubble or boba drinks are becoming a trend, many people are selling these drinks. Well, just try following this trend. It doesn’t matter if you want to follow the trend, because the opportunity doesn’t come twice.

However, if you do this, you have to know that there will also be a lot of competition in the future. Therefore, try to innovate in making your product, so that it can stand out from the others.

Determine Competitive Prices

Don’t just because your seasonal business is being sought after by many people, it makes you greedy.

You must always remember that you will have many competitors, so make sure the selling price of your product is competitive with others.

Follow the existing market prices, because of course consumers will be more selective in them. You can be sure, they will compare selling prices from one place to another.

You may set a price that is more expensive than the market, as long as the product offered also has different quality and innovation from others.

But, if you want to set a cheaper price, make sure it doesn’t burden you later. Apart from that, don’t let the price be cheap so you don’t pay attention to the quality.

So, set your price wisely, OK?

Quality Always Comes First

Related to the previous point, someone who starts a seasonal business will of course sell similar or even the same products as their competitors.

Competition will be very busy and tight, therefore the thing that can attract customers is the quality of the products available.

Product quality is the main thing that you must implement, this can not only make customers choose your product but also make them loyal.

Currently, the coffee business is mushrooming everywhere. Lots of business people do this. Therefore, make sure you provide delicious coffee and enjoy it so that many people like it.

Promotion intensively

After all the ways to make your seasonal business profitable, one more thing to pay attention to is promotional activities.

You must aggressively promote, offline, online or word of mouth, so that you also sell products that consumers are looking for.

Try utilizing social media to expand your business marketing reach.

So, because the competition is very busy, you can make promotional offers, such as discounts or buy 1 get 1.

With special offers like that, of course many consumers will be tempted and choose your product.

Those are 5 surefire ways so that the seasonal business you are running or will be running can reap lots of profits.

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