INEC Ad-Hoc Staff Recruitment Application Portal Guide 2024

Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Application Guide

Thinking about joining INEC Ad-Hoc Staff Recruitment? This guide has everything you need! Find out how to apply online, what qualifications you need, and how they choose people.

Follow these easy steps to apply for a job at INEC Ad-Hoc Staff Recruitment and understand what they need from applicants.


INEC, which stands for the Independent National Electoral Commission, needs temporary workers for elections.

These workers are called Ad-Hoc Staff. Their job is crucial because they help ensure elections are fair and run smoothly.

Ad-Hoc Staff assist with tasks such as registering voters, checking voter cards, and running polling stations on election day.

To apply, interested people should look for announcements from INEC in newspapers, on their website, or through local announcements.

Being an Ad-Hoc Staff is a great way to contribute to democracy in Nigeria.

Position / Career Opportunity

Polling Officer

Registration Officer

Supervisory Presiding Officer

Assistant Presiding Officer

Collation Officer

Requirement For All Post

Polling Officer:

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Minimum of Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or its equivalent.
  • Ability to read and write in English.

Registration Officer:

  • Nigerian citizenship is required.
  • Higher educational qualifications may be preferred.
  • Competency in data entry and management skills.

Supervisory Presiding Officer:

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Higher educational qualifications may be required.
  • Prior experience in election-related roles is advantageous.

Assistant Presiding Officer:

  • Nigerian citizenship is mandatory.
  • Minimum educational requirement of SSCE.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Collation Officer:

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Higher educational qualifications preferred.
  • Proficiency in data collation and analysis.

How To Apply

Keep an eye on announcements from INEC in newspapers, on their official website, or through local announcements.

Obtain an application form from designated centers or download it from the INEC website.

Fill out the application form completely and accurately.

Attach required documents such as a valid ID card and educational certificates.

Submit the completed application form and documents to the specified INEC office or submission point within the given deadline.

Await further communication from INEC regarding the status of your application.

Selection Procedure

Application Submission:

  • Interested individuals obtain and complete the application form.
  • Required documents, such as ID cards and educational certificates, are attached.
  • Submission is made to designated INEC offices or submission points by the specified deadline.


  • Applications are screened to ensure they meet basic requirements (e.g., citizenship, educational qualifications).
  • Qualified applicants are shortlisted for further assessment.


  • Shortlisted candidates undergo training sessions conducted by INEC.
  • Training covers election procedures, roles, responsibilities, and code of conduct.


  • Successful candidates are assigned to various roles (Polling Officers, Registration Officers, etc.) based on their training and suitability.
  • Deployment is typically done prior to election day to familiarize staff with their duties and polling stations.

Election Day Duties:

  • Ad-Hoc Staff perform their designated roles on election day.
  • Responsibilities include voter registration, polling station management, ballot counting, and other election-related tasks.


  • Performance and conduct of Ad-Hoc Staff are evaluated post-election.
  • Feedback may be provided to improve future electoral processes.

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