Kaduna SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List 2024 Update

 Kaduna SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates

The list of people chosen for Kaduna SUBEB hasn’t come out yet. But when it does, we’ll tell you on our website. For now, you can find out how to check if you’ve been picked and what papers you’ll need for the next steps.


In Kaduna State, there is an organization dedicated to improving education for all children. This group plays a big role in making sure every child gets a good education. They work closely with schools and communities to provide things like books, desks, and teaching tools. These efforts help make schools better places for kids to learn.

This organization also hires and trains teachers. They make sure teachers know how to teach different subjects well. This makes education better in schools all across Kaduna State. They also check on schools often to see how things are going and to help with any problems.

Another important job they have is making rules and plans for schools. They make sure schools in Kaduna have what they need to help kids learn. They work with parents, community leaders, and government people to make these plans work.

Overall, this group in Kaduna State works hard to make sure kids get the best education possible. They want all kids to learn things that will help them do well in life. Their work is important for making sure kids in Kaduna State have a bright future ahead of them.

Shortlisting Process

Application Review: The first step involves reviewing all received applications to ensure they meet the specified criteria and qualifications.

Qualification Assessment: Candidates’ qualifications, such as educational background and relevant experience, are carefully assessed against the requirements for the position.

Shortlisting Criteria: A set of criteria is used to shortlist candidates, typically including educational qualifications, relevant work experience, skills, and sometimes specific competencies required for the job.

Shortlisting Panel: A panel of assessors or recruiters is often convened to review applications and select candidates based on the established criteria.

Selection Process: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for further assessments, which could include interviews, written tests, or practical demonstrations, depending on the nature of the position.

Final Decision: After all assessments are completed, the final selection of candidates is made based on their performance during the evaluation process.

Notification: Candidates who are selected for further consideration or for the job itself are notified through official channels, typically via email or phone call.

Documentation and Verification: Successful candidates may need to provide additional documents or undergo background checks as part of the final verification process before employment.

How To Download The List

Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of Kaduna SUBEB. This is usually the primary source for accessing announcements and updates related to recruitment.

Navigate to the Recruitment Section: Look for the section on the website dedicated to recruitment or news updates. This is where announcements regarding shortlisted candidates are typically posted.

Locate the Shortlist Announcement: Find the specific announcement or link related to the shortlist download. It might be labeled as “List of Shortlisted Candidates” or similar.

Click on the Download Link: Click on the provided download link to access the shortlist document. Ensure you have a compatible document viewer installed on your device to open the file.

Save the Document: Once the file opens, save it to your device by clicking on the download icon or selecting the save option from your browser’s menu.

Check for Updates: Sometimes, updates or changes may occur after the initial announcement. It’s a good idea to check the website regularly for any revised versions or additional information.

Follow Instructions: If there are any specific instructions provided alongside the shortlist document, follow them carefully. This might include further steps candidates need to take or additional documents they need to submit.

Requirement Documents For Screening

Application Form: A completed application form provided by the Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), which includes personal details, educational background, and work experience.

Educational Certificates: Original copies and photocopies of academic certificates and qualifications relevant to the position applied for, such as degrees, diplomas, or certificates of professional courses.

Identification: Valid identification documents such as National ID card, International Passport, Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), or Driver’s License.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): A detailed resume outlining work experience, skills, achievements, and any other relevant information.

NYSC Discharge Certificate: For Nigerian graduates, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) discharge certificate or exemption letter is required.

Professional Certifications: Any additional professional certifications or licenses relevant to the position, such as teaching certifications, IT certifications, or professional memberships.

Evidence of Experience: Documents proving previous work experience related to the position, such as employment letters, promotion letters, or service certificates from previous employers.

References: Contact details or recommendation letters from previous employers or professional colleagues who can attest to the candidate’s abilities and character.

Passport Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs in the specified format as required by Kaduna SUBEB, usually with specific background and dimensions.

Local Government Identification: Evidence of local government of origin or residence, which may include a certificate of origin or residence permit.

Declaration of Age/Birth Certificate: Document proving the candidate’s age, such as a birth certificate or sworn affidavit.

Medical Fitness Certificate: A certificate from a recognized medical practitioner indicating that the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job, where required.

Other Documents: Any additional documents specifically requested in the job advertisement or screening guidelines, such as essays, portfolios, or specific project reports.

Screening Process

Notification: Shortlisted candidates are notified via email, phone call, or official announcement on the SUBEB website regarding their selection for further screening.

Verification of Documents: Candidates are required to submit original copies of all required documents for verification. This includes educational certificates, identification documents, NYSC discharge certificate (if applicable), professional certifications, and any other relevant paperwork.

Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview. This could be a panel interview where candidates are assessed based on their qualifications, experience, skills, and suitability for the position. The interview may include questions about the candidate’s background, knowledge of the role, and scenarios related to the job.

Written Tests or Assessments: Depending on the position, candidates might be required to undergo written tests or assessments to evaluate their technical knowledge, analytical skills, or subject matter expertise.

Background Checks: SUBEB may conduct background checks, including verification of employment history, references, and any other relevant information provided by the candidate.

Medical Examination: Candidates may be required to undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the physical and mental health requirements for the position.

Final Selection: Based on the results of the screening process, including interviews, assessments, document verification, and background checks, the final selection of candidates is made.

Offer of Employment: Successful candidates receive an offer of employment from Kaduna SUBEB, detailing the terms and conditions of the job, including salary, benefits, and start date.

Orientation and Onboarding: Newly hired employees may undergo orientation sessions to familiarize themselves with SUBEB’s policies, procedures, and workplace culture. They may also complete necessary paperwork and training before starting their roles.

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