NAFDAC Shortlisted Candidates List 2024 Update

  NAFDAC Shortlisted Candidates

The list of people chosen for NAFDAC hasn’t come out yet. But when it does, we’ll tell you on our website. For now, you can find out how to check if you’ve been picked and what papers you’ll need for the next steps.


NAFDAC is an organization in Nigeria that ensures products people use are safe and good. It checks foods, drugs, cosmetics, and more to make sure they are safe for everyone.

This helps keep people healthy and protects them from bad products. The organization also makes sure that these products are made in good places and follow the right rules.

NAFDAC works hard to stop fake and harmful products from being sold. It helps people trust the things they buy and use every day, making life safer for everyone in Nigeria.

Shortlisting Process

Application Review: The first step involves reviewing all received applications to ensure they meet the basic qualifications and requirements specified in the job advertisement.

Screening: Qualified applications are then screened based on specific criteria such as educational qualifications, relevant experience, skills, and any other requirements outlined for the position.

Shortlisting: After screening, a shortlist of candidates who best match the job requirements is created. These candidates are selected for further assessment, such as interviews or tests.

Interviews or Tests: Shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in interviews, tests, or assessments. These may include technical tests, psychometric assessments, or competency-based interviews to evaluate their suitability for the role.

Final Selection: Based on the outcomes of interviews or tests, final candidates are selected for the position. This decision considers their performance during assessments and how well they fit the organizational culture and job requirements.

Notification: Selected candidates are informed of their selection and may proceed to the next steps in the hiring process, such as background checks and finalizing employment details.

How To Download The List

Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of NAFDAC. Look for the section related to recruitment or careers.

Navigate to Shortlist Section: Find the specific section that mentions “Shortlisted Candidates” or similar. This section usually contains links or instructions for downloading the shortlist.

Select the Recruitment Exercise: Choose the recruitment exercise or job position for which you applied. Ensure you select the correct exercise to access the relevant shortlist.

Download the Shortlist: Click on the download link provided. The shortlist is typically available in PDF format. Save the file to your computer or device for future reference.

Check Your Name: Open the downloaded PDF file and search for your name or application number. The shortlist will contain names of candidates who have been selected for further stages of the recruitment process.

Follow Further Instructions: Read any additional instructions provided along with the shortlist. These may include details on the next steps in the recruitment process, such as interview dates or document submission requirements.

Requirement Documents For Screening

Educational Qualifications:

  • Original copies of academic certificates (e.g., SSCE, HND, BSc, MSc, etc.).
  • Transcripts or academic records from universities or institutions attended.

Identity Verification:

  • Valid national identity card (e.g., National ID card, Voter’s card, International passport).
  • Birth certificate or age declaration.

Professional Certifications (if applicable):

  • Copies of professional certifications relevant to the job applied for (e.g., nursing license, pharmacists’ registration, etc.).

Employment History:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) detailing previous work experience.
  • Letters of reference or recommendation from previous employers (optional but helpful).

Medical Fitness:

  • Medical fitness certificate issued by a recognized medical institution.
  • HIV/AIDS test certificate (in some cases).

Character Verification:

  • Police clearance certificate or affidavit of good conduct from a court of law.
  • Attestation letter from a reputable individual or community leader confirming good character.

Local Government Area Identification:

  • Certificate of origin from the local government area of origin.
  • Residence permit or proof of residency (if required).

Additional Requirements:

  • Passport-sized photographs (usually specified number and specifications).
  • Any other documents specifically requested in the job advertisement or application guidelines.

Screening Process

Interviews: Shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in interviews. These interviews may be conducted by a panel of NAFDAC officials and could include HR representatives, department heads, and sometimes external stakeholders.

Technical Tests or Assessments: Depending on the job role, candidates may be required to undergo technical tests or assessments. These tests evaluate specific skills, knowledge, and competencies relevant to the position.

Psychometric Assessments: Candidates might be required to take psychometric tests to assess their cognitive abilities, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies. These assessments help gauge how well candidates may fit into the organizational culture and perform in the role.

Background Checks: NAFDAC conducts thorough background checks on shortlisted candidates. This includes verifying educational qualifications, employment history, references, and conducting criminal record checks.

Medical Examination: Candidates may need to undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the health requirements necessary for the job. This examination may include tests for physical fitness and screening for specific health conditions relevant to the job.

Final Selection: Based on the outcomes of interviews, assessments, background checks, and medical examinations, final selections are made. Candidates who successfully complete the screening process and meet all requirements are offered employment or further considered for the position.

Notification and Offer: Successful candidates are notified of their selection and may receive formal offers of employment. Details regarding salary, benefits, and other employment terms are communicated during this stage.

Onboarding: Once an offer is accepted, candidates undergo an onboarding process where they are introduced to NAFDAC’s policies, procedures, and organizational culture. This process helps new employees integrate into their roles smoothly.

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