Nigerian Navy Recruitment Application Portal 2024


The Nigerian Navy is actively recruiting for qualified individuals to join their force and serve the country. There are two primary ways to become part of the Nigerian Navy: enlisted personnel and the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC).

Enlisted personnel positions are open to Nigerian citizens by birth. Age requirements and educational qualifications vary depending on the specific program you’re interested in.

Generally, applicants for enlisted positions range from 18 to 28 years old and may need a secondary school certificate (SSCE) with credits in specific subjects.

Some programs might require even higher qualifications like diplomas or degrees. You’ll also need to be in good physical shape and pass a medical examination.

The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is an alternative path for those with specific skills and professions.

Recently, they advertised for qualified naval architects with a Bachelor’s degree or HND in naval architecture/ship design.

Applicants for DSSC typically range from 22 to 28 years old and may need additional requirements like an NYSC discharge certificate and meet specific height restrictions.

Position / Career Opportunity

Naval Officer

Naval Rating

Naval Engineer

Naval Aviator

Naval Medical Officer

Naval Logistics Officer

Naval Intelligence Officer

Naval Legal Officer

Naval Public Affairs Officer

Naval Chaplain

General Requirement For All Post

Educational Qualifications: Typically, candidates need to possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution for officer positions. For ratings and certain technical positions, a minimum of secondary school education or its equivalent may be required.

Age Limit: The age requirement varies depending on the specific position. Generally, candidates for officer positions should be between 22 and 28 years old, while ratings may have a wider age range.

Health and Fitness: Candidates must be in good physical and mental health. They may be required to undergo medical examinations to ensure they meet the Navy’s health standards.

Citizenship: Applicants must be Nigerian citizens.

Character: Candidates should have good character and not have any criminal convictions.

Height and Weight: There may be specific height and weight requirements for certain positions, especially for roles that involve physical activities.

Military Training: Some positions may require candidates to undergo military training.

Specialized Skills: Certain positions, such as engineering, medical, or technical roles, may require specific skills or qualifications related to the job.

Security Clearance: Candidates may need to undergo background checks and obtain security clearances.

Educational Certificates: Candidates should be able to provide proof of their educational qualifications.

How To Apply

Check Eligibility:

  • Review the eligibility criteria for the desired position.
  • Ensure you meet age, educational, health, citizenship, and other requirements.

Obtain Application Form:

  • Visit the official Nigerian Navy website or designated recruitment centers.
  • Get the application form online or from recruitment outlets.

Fill Out the Form:

  • Complete the application form accurately and legibly.
  • Provide personal, educational, and other requested information.

Attach Required Documents:

  • Gather necessary documents like educational certificates, birth certificate, and identification.
  • Include passport-sized photographs and any other specified documents.

Submit Application:

  • Send the completed application form and documents to the specified recruitment center or address.
  • Meet the submission deadline.

Await Communication:

  • Wait for further communication from the Nigerian Navy.
  • Expect details about examinations, interviews, and medical screenings.

Prepare for Selection Process:

  • Study and prepare for tests, interviews, and screenings.
  • Stay updated on announcements and notifications.

Follow Instructions:

  • Comply with all instructions provided by the Nigerian Navy.
  • Respond promptly to communications and fulfill all requirements.

Stay Informed:

  • Check the official website regularly for updates.
  • Contact the Nigerian Navy recruitment office for any clarifications.

Stay Positive and Persistent:

  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the process.
  • Be patient and persistent in pursuing your goal of joining the Nigerian Navy.

Selection Procedure

Application Screening:

  • Initial screening of applications to ensure candidates meet the basic eligibility criteria.
  • Disqualification of applicants who do not meet the requirements.

Entrance Examination:

  • Candidates who pass the initial screening may be required to take an entrance examination.
  • The examination may cover subjects such as mathematics, English language, general knowledge, and other relevant topics.

Physical Fitness Test:

  • Candidates who pass the entrance examination may undergo a physical fitness test.
  • This test assesses candidates’ physical fitness levels and may include activities like running, push-ups, sit-ups, and swimming.

Medical Examination:

  • Candidates who pass the physical fitness test undergo a medical examination.
  • The medical examination evaluates candidates’ health and ensures they meet the medical standards required for service in the Nigerian Navy.


  • Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview.
  • The interview assesses candidates’ suitability for the position and may include questions about their background, motivations, and capabilities.

Security Clearance:

  • Candidates who pass the interview stage may undergo a background check and security clearance process.
  • This process verifies candidates’ backgrounds and ensures they meet security requirements for service in the Nigerian Navy.

Final Selection:

  • Based on the results of the entrance examination, physical fitness test, medical examination, interview, and security clearance, final selections are made.
  • Successful candidates receive offers of appointment to join the Nigerian Navy.

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