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You have finally gotten accepted into your dream school. Yayyyyyyy!

You have applied for your visa and gotten same. Double yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

One of the next critical steps in your overseas study process would be finding a decent place to live in the country that would be your home for at least the next one year.

Securing accommodation can be one of the biggest headaches of organizing your study year(s) abroad. The big question is, how do you find somewhere affordable – and livable – in an entirely new and oftentimes unfamiliar location?

There are broadly two accommodation options you can choose from as an international student; Student Halls and Private Renting. Just like in boarding houses and university hostels in Nigeria. Student halls are the best option for new and fresh students as it is easier to meet people from different cultures and other courses; a change to integrate and mingle, however, the same rules apply. You don’t get to choose your roommates and its partly luck the kind of people you get to stay with.

Student halls will always be rowdy and loud as there are lots of different personalities all in the same space no matter how nice your roommates are so you may need to head out to study.


  • Proximity to lecture halls, library and centers; staying in halls cuts out transportation costs as most are situated on campus.
  • Close distance to practical centers and marts; most campuses are in the hub of the city and it’s easier to get around
  • You don’t have to pay utility bills as these will be taken care of by the school management
  • There is security and help to clean your hallways and facilities.
  • You don’t have to deal with agent’s fee and repairs yourself


  • As stated earlier, halls are extremely loud and rowdy
  • You can’t choose your roommates and you have to share room and facilities.
  • Less flexibility and freedom.
  • More expensive prices due to added values

Private Halls gives a wider range of choices, you may not know anyone initially and you might have a personal room but probably share the same living room and kitchen. It gives you more flexibility but reducing the range of new people you’d meet. Private accommodation can be made homelier and add more personal touches as you can decide to have a single room.


  • You can choose what room to stay in; ultimately choosing your flat mates
  • Wide range of prices to choose from
  • More privacy and quiet atmosphere

More flexibility and more freedom


  • You have to pay utility bills in some cases
  • No hired help to clean quarters
  • You’d have to prepare large deposits for rent (possibly every 6weeks)
  • Budget for transportation and additional costs
  • You will have to deal with landlords and agents on repairs and renovations
  • It might be a few minutes far from campus

If you feel slightly inundated by all of these information and options, you can always get in touch with us for expert advice on various school accommodation options. This service is as usual, FREE OF CHARGE because over here, our primary goal is ensuring you have a hassle free study abroad process.

We look forward with helping you make the best accommodation choice.

Good luck in getting that accommodation.

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