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If you are reading this, chances are you have already secured a study offer from an Irish institution. If that is the case, congratulations, you are making good progress on your overseas study journey.  If you are yet to get your admission offer, not to worry, we can help.

After being accepted into your institution of choice, the next step is your study visa application and this is a very critical step as it can determine whether or not you are able to take advantage of your study offer.  2 things are imperative during this process:

  • The right documentation as required by the Irish embassy
  • A personal statement that screams approve!

Below we have listed some of the documents requested by the Irish visa embassy for study visa application purpose:

  • Telex/Receipt of payment
  • Recent passport photographs
  • Valid international passport
  • Letter of acceptance from the school
  • Detailed CV
  • Academic certificates
  • IELTS or other SELT results
  • Evidence of private medical insurance
  • Personal bank statement
  • Sponsorship letter of consent
  • Evidence of sponsor’s job/business
  • Sponsor bank statement and
  • Personal Statement

For more information on this please visits the Irish embassy website.

All these documents are crucial to getting an approved study visa; you’ll also need to proofread it with your counselor to avoid errors.

As stated above, your personal statement is also of utmost importance because it covers the true motive behind your application. It is the gateway to your study visa and it should be concise, truthful and straight to the point. As much as possible your personal statement should address the following:

  • Why Ireland – here you are expected to explain why exactly you chose Ireland
  • Why an Irish education compared to the rest of the world?
  • Why have you chosen your specific course of interest? (Do you have burning passion for the chosen course?)
  • What do you do for a living (if applicable) and what are your future career goals?
  • Why did you choose your institution? What factors did you consider?
  • Gaps in employment and education, if any must be explained.
  • Do you have any professional certifications? How are they relevant to your chosen course and future career plans?
  • If your education is being financed by someone else, you must give some details about the person(s).
  • Why is your sponsor sponsoring your education? What is the relationship between you and this person(s)? Can you prove the legitimacy or legality of this relationship?
  • If you are financing your education you also need to show that you are well able to do this as well as explain how you came about the funds for your education.
  • Do you have any ties to your home country? What you aim to do when you get back to your home country? – This is very important!

We wish you the best on your application and we look forward to the approved stamp on it!



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