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How to Pick A Suitable Course And University Abroad

Choosing a suitable course and university abroad can sometimes feel like an uphill task, especially if you haven’t come across so many universities abroad.  

But making this process as simple as possible for you is our top priority.  So, here’s how to pick a suitable course and university with these simple tips 


One of the easiest ways to pick a university is to check QS World University Rankings

This site allows you do a university search based on rankings, location, Qs stars, etc. One other interesting feature on this site is the compare feature - Here you can choose two or more schools for comparison and get a comprehensive breakdown of those schools. 

Another option is to make your university selection based on your subject of choice; you can check out subject rankings, which enables you to discover the best universities for your choice of study. 

After shortlisting a certain number of Universities that you might be interested in, next thing is to go ahead and check out your preferred course on the university websites. 


Here’s a checklist of things to pay attention to when picking your course: 

Course type- Would you be applying for Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Short Courses, etc. 

Course descriptions- This is an overview of what the course entails, including a breakdown and a summary of the modules per semester. It’s important for you to see if the objectives of the course match what you hope to achieve by studying the course. 

Attendance- This is either full-time, part-time or distance learning. Which of these options are available to you? Which option would you prefer to take? 

Program duration & Admission Intake- Ranging from months to years, this shows how long a program would take. Also, it’s important to know how many admission intakes in the year are available to you, so as to decide on when to start your application. 

Entry requirements- This includes all the documents and qualifications that you would need to submit in order to be considered eligible to send in your application. Do you have all the qualifications? Would you need to write some letters or tests to acquire all you need? 

Tuition fees- These would include fees for domestic and international students. This might also include additional fees for books, devices, etc. Consider if the tuition fee is withing your budget. 

Funding- Most institutions offer a form of discount or scholarship. Sometimes you would have to apply for this separately, other times your application is gives you immediate consideration for an offer. 

And with that, we’re back down from the hill. Can you see that it wasn’t a stressful climb? In the spirit of making your process even easier, you can check here to see the over 300 universities we partner with across over 6 study destinations, to further help you make your decision.  

So, are you ready to make your choice? We are all ears! 


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