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Live Streaming Promotion Content

IoPPN Live Streaming Promotion Content

King’s College London : Live Streaming Schedule

Watch the live stream of our open evening & learn about all our programs, Ask Q’a & Chat Stream starts 6pm GMT 24/March

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*If you can not attend the live stream due to timezone difficulties, all videos will be available to watch from the same website on demand*

Live Stream Schedule of Events - Thursday March 24 (Please note all times are GMT/UK time)

18.05 – 18.20 Welcome to the IoPPN – Professor Patrick Leman

18.30 – 18.50 Psychiatric Research MSc – Dr Alice Egerton

18.30 – 18.50 Affective Disorders MSc – Professor Allan Young

18.30 – 18.50 War & Psychiatry MSc – Professor Edgar Jones

18.50 – 19.10 Mental Health Studies MSc – Professor SukhiShergill

18.50 – 19.10 Forensic Mental Health MSc– Dr Joel Harvey

18.50 – 19.10 International Programme in Addiction Studies MSc– Dr Anna Williams

19.10 – 19.30 Clinical Neuroscience MSc- Dr Gerald Finnerty

19.10 – 19.30 Family Therapy MSc/Grad Cert– Grace Heaphy

19.10 – 19.30 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry MSc– Dr Dennis Ougrin

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