UNIMAID Recruitment 2024, Requirements, Application, How to Apply

Want to work at UNIMAID? Here is what you need to know! Learn how to apply, what qualifications are needed, and the selection process.


The University of Maiduguri, known as UNIMAID, is a famous school in Nigeria. It started in 1975 and is now a top place to learn.

UNIMAID offers many classes, including science, history, and engineering. They have programs for all types of students, even those who want to be teachers.

The university has libraries, labs, and dorms. Students from all over Nigeria and other countries come to study here.

Teachers at UNIMAID keep learning new things and share their knowledge with students.

UNIMAID also helps local communities. Students and teachers work with locals to solve problems and improve lives.

Despite challenges in the area, UNIMAID continues to be a great place to learn and help others. It is a symbol of hope and excellence in Nigeria.

Job Opportunities

At UNIMAID, there are many job opportunities in teaching, research, administration, and support services. These jobs are for different levels of expertise and qualifications.

Academic Jobs:

  • Lecturer: Teach students, do research, and publish papers.
  • Professor: Lead research, mentor others, and manage academic departments.
  • Research Fellow: Do independent research and publish findings.
  • Assistant Professor: Teach and do research.
  • Associate Professor: Experienced teachers who also do research and help run the university.

Administrative Jobs:

  • Registrar: Manage student admissions and records.
  • Bursar: Handle finances and budgeting.
  • HR Manager: Recruit staff and manage employee relations.
  • Academic Dean: Lead academic programs.
  • Director of Research: Manage research activities and grants.

Support Services:

  • Admin Assistants: Support various departments.
  • IT Professionals: Manage IT systems and support.
  • Librarians: Manage library resources and help students.
  • Maintenance Staff: Keep the campus facilities in good condition.
  • Security Personnel: Ensure safety on campus.

These jobs offer growth and the chance to help the academic community at UNIMAID. Check the university’s website and job portals for vacancies.

Recruitment Programs

UNIMAID has recruitment programs to attract qualified people for academic, administrative, and support roles. Here are some key programs:

  • Faculty Recruitment: Regularly hires lecturers, professors, and researchers. This process includes interviews and assessments.
  • Staff Recruitment: Hires admin assistants, IT professionals, librarians, maintenance staff, and security personnel.
  • Graduate Assistantship: Offers teaching and research experience for postgraduate students.
  • Internship and Training: Provides practical experience for students and recent graduates.
  • Special Recruitment Initiatives: Focuses on diversity and inclusion, targeting underrepresented groups.


Each program has specific requirements. Here are some common ones:

Faculty Recruitment:

  • Education: Must have a postgraduate degree (usually a Ph.D.).
  • Research: Must have research experience and publications.
  • Teaching: Previous teaching experience is often needed.

Staff Recruitment:

  • Education: Must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience: Relevant work experience is usually required.
  • Skills: Technical skills or certifications may be needed.

Graduate Assistantship:

  • Enrollment: Must be a full-time postgraduate student.
  • Performance: Must have good academic performance.

Internship and Training:

  • Education: Must be a student or recent graduate.
  • Program Duration: Some programs have specific duration requirements.

Special Initiatives:

  • Target Groups: May target specific demographic groups.
  • Skills: Specific skills or qualifications may be needed.

General Requirements

  • Education: Must have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience: Relevant work experience is usually required.
  • Skills: Must have the necessary skills for the job.
  • Qualities: Integrity, professionalism, and teamwork.
  • English Proficiency: Must be proficient in English.

How to Apply

The application site for UNIMAID Recruitment 2024 is not open yet. When it opens, follow these steps:

  1. Check Job Announcements: Look at the university’s website and job portals.
  2. Prepare Materials: Get your cover letter, resume, and other documents ready.
  3. Customize Application: Tailor your application to the job.
  4. Submit Application: Follow the instructions to submit your application.
  5. Monitor Status: Check for updates on your application.
  6. Prepare for Interviews: If shortlisted, prepare for interviews.
  7. Follow Up: Send a thank-you note after the interview.
  8. Await Offer: If selected, review the job offer carefully.

Selection Procedure

The selection process at UNIMAID includes:

  1. Application Review: A panel checks if you meet the criteria.
  2. Screening: Shortlisted candidates go through tests, interviews, or presentations.
  3. Written Tests: Tests to check knowledge and skills.
  4. Interviews: A panel interviews shortlisted candidates.
  5. Presentations: Candidates may give presentations to show their abilities.
  6. Reference Checks: The university checks your references.
  7. Final Selection: The best candidate is selected and offered the job.
  8. Notification: Unsuccessful candidates are notified.


Working at UNIMAID offers many benefits, including:

  • Professional Growth: Opportunities for career development.
  • Job Security: Stable employment in a respected institution.
  • Community Impact: Chance to make a positive difference.
  • Diverse Environment: Work in a multicultural setting.

Important Data

Job TypeRequirementsBenefits
AcademicPh.D., research, teaching experienceCareer growth, community impact
AdministrativeBachelor’s degree, relevant experienceJob security, diverse environment
Support ServicesTechnical skills, certificationsStable employment, career development


UNIMAID is a great place to work, offering many opportunities for growth and impact. Keep an eye on their recruitment portal for updates and apply when the application site opens.

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