WhatsApp Business: the future of customer service?

WhatsApp Business offers companies a new way to communicate directly and quickly with their customers. Through various functions, companies can better serve their customers and provide them with a better customer experience.

What is WhatsApp Business?

Is WhatsApp Business the future of customer service? In any case, the messenger from Meta, which also includes Facebook and Instagram , was developed specifically for companies to improve customer communication.

WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download app that helps businesses reach their customers in a personal and effective way. Conversations directed to the company by customers and answered by the company within 24 hours are free of charge. Likewise, the first 1000 messages that the company sends to its customers. After that, costs arise : You can read the detailed prices and tariffs of the WhatsApp Business platform here .

WhatsApp Business is a simple and cost-effective way to improve customer service and build valuable customer loyalty . This is thanks to numerous features such as automatic replies, quick replies and much more.

Companies can also use WhatsApp Business’s API platform (= program interface to other software and support systems) to manage information such as contacts, messages and conversations. The app can also be entered in Google My Business so that the WhatsApp business number can be seen in the Google My Business entries.

How can WhatsApp Business improve customer service?

With its main advantages: WhatsApp Business is cost-effective, can be connected to other support systems and enables real-time customer service. The app is an alternative to chatbots or customer chats , which require upfront investment costs in individual programming.

Another advantage of WhatsApp Business is its considerable range of functions :

Company profile with valuable information

Companies can create an individual company profile that contains information such as address, contact options and opening hours. WhatsApp Business can also be stored as a contact option on Facebook and Instagram .

Automatic greeting and away message

Companies can also set up an automatic welcome message that customers receive when they first contact the company. It is also possible to leave an out-of-office message to inform customers about their temporary unavailability. This is suitable for meetings or conferences.

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

Companies can use predefined quick answers for frequently asked questions in order to answer them quickly, in a customer-oriented and standardized way. Over time, a large collection of quick answers is created, which further optimizes the efficiency of customer service.

Labels for better management

Companies can add custom labels to chats and contacts for better visibility and management. On the one hand, customers can be structured – e.g. B. as a new or regular customer, private or business customer or by region. This structuring can be expanded to customer preferences in order to provide targeted and personalized information about promotions or order status.

On the other hand, chats can be prioritized according to urgency or marked as completed to avoid duplicates or double answers.


With WhatsApp Business, companies have access to statistics and analytics to gain insights into customer service and communications. These include the number of messages sent and received, the response time or the chat duration .

Product catalog

An additional function that is helpful for companies’ e-business is that of the product catalog: This allows products to be presented and sold directly via WhatsApp.

Visionary representation of business contacts via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business: Be careful with data protection!

Like Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp belongs to the Meta group. The platforms do not operate fully in accordance with the strict data protection regulations of the EU GDPR . Each company is responsible for ensuring that its use of WhatsApp Business complies with applicable data protection regulations.

Experts are of the opinion that the standard version of WhatsApp is unsuitable for internal and external communication of companies due to data protection reasons . WhatsApp’s terms of use also exclude non-private use.

WhatsApp Business basically enables the formal requirements of the GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) , which has been in force since September 2023, to be met, including a contract for order processing. As a company, it is important to inform customers about how data is generated, processed and handled within the company. This also includes the data generated in WhatsApp Business. Such a data protection declaration and an imprint for the company belong on the company website. An individual data protection declaration can also be created using a data protection generator approved by a lawyer if the company does not have a legal service. It is important that the data protection declaration meets current legal requirements.

WhatsApp Business is generally a suitable channel for direct customer communication, especially for SMEs , as the standard version (not via API) is free. However, companies using WhatsApp Business must still comply with all applicable data protection laws.

Conclusion: Suitable for versatile and effective customer service

In summary, WhatsApp Business offers a versatile and effective customer service platform. With features such as automated replies, quick replies, labels and product catalogs, companies can strengthen customer loyalty and optimize customer communication.

The ability to view statistics and analytics also allows companies to evaluate their performance and improve their communication strategies. Overall, WhatsApp Business is a promising solution for companies looking to take customer service to the next level.

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